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Who's In, Who's Out

With less than a month of the season left, we thought it might be worth reviewing who is on the DL and who is no longer playing this season. This may help you as you figure out your rosters heading into the playoffs, where HRs and Ks are worth more (and less) for each round. Here are players currently on the DL or suspended:
  • Jose Bautista, 15-day DL
  • Clay Buchholz, 60-day DL
  • Ryan Braun, Suspended
  • Nelson Cruz, Suspended
  • Carlos Gonzalez, 15-day DL
  • Jason Heyward, 15-day DL
  • Ryan Howard, 60-day DL
  • Matt Kemp, 15-day DL
  • Angel Pagan, 15-day DL
  • Albert Pujols, 15-day DL
Oh, and in case you missed it yesterday, trades are now $20 apiece.


The $20 Trade Is Now In Effect

The $20 Trade is now in effect.



$15 Trades About to End; Make 'Em by 1:05 EST

With the first pitch of the first game to be played today, the cost of SLPL trades goes up from $15 to $20. Since the first game to be played today will be at 1:08 pm Eastern time, get us any trades you may have before then. Use this form to submit your trades.


A reminder: Five paid trades nets you one free trade. Ten paid trades nets you two more free trades. If you are close to either, remember that you can use your free trades anytime before the end of the Regular Season, which means your free trades will be worth $20 each. That way, you can prepare for the playoffs by loading up with players from playoff teams ... for free. Think about it.

Good luck the rest of the way!


The $15 Trade Is On Life Support


The $15 Trade is nearly dead. In fact, with the first pitch of tomorrow’s (Thursday’s) first game, the $15 Trade will go the way of the dodo and be replaced by the $20 trade. For those of you still trying to position themselves to win some championship monies, submit your trades using this form.


One Wise Team Drops Ryan Braun, Scumbag

On news of the suspension of Ryan Braun, Scumbag, only one team dropped him. Joe Livernois, owner of The Heart is a Lonely Hunter Pence, did the deed that needed to be done, explaining: “Because Braun is an a**hole. Also, he's been suspended. I expect (Chris) Davis will be the only Oriole who succumbs in the team bus fire, which should happen any day now, which is still better than keeping a suspended a**hole who is willing to throw everyone else under the bus.”

Why are
you keeping Braun on your roster?

Update: Current league leader Paul Martin, owner of Cabbage Farmers, passed this along this morning with the note, “Tony, I saw your post on the website. I don't know if you remember his denial but check it out. What a piece of sh*t!”


30 Teams Still Have Ryan Braun, Scumbag, Even Though He Will Score Exactly Zero Points Between Now And The End Of The Season

You still have Ryan Braun on your team? What, have you really already conceded the season? There’s nearly a full half yet to play!


Trades Now Cost $15


The $10 Trade is dead. Trades now cost $15. That is all.

Wait! That’s not all! There were
few trades during the All-Star break, which means owners are pretty satisfied with how their rosters look. Or that they have already conceded the season. The downside is that the Pot didn’t grow that much. The upside is that those who are competitive will spend the remainder of the season paying extra for their trades … and will have to keep a close eye on things to make sure they don’t lose ground in the standings and really muck things up. I think it’s gonna be a fun second half!


You Know The Drill


Ten dollar trades, blah, blah, blah. Will be $15 after first pitch of first game today, blah, blah, blah. Use the trust-dusty trade form, blah, blah, blah. Make and investment in your team that could earn you hundreds of dollars in winnings, blah, blah, blah. Getchyer trades in fast-like, blah, blah, blah.


Livernois Blows Winnings On Tequila; $10 Trade Nearly Extinct


Word on the street is that Joe Livernois, owner of 2013 All-Star Championship-winning The Heart is a Lonely Hunter Pence, has blown the entirety of his $125 winnings on crates and crates of the cheapest, most vile-tasting tequila known to mankind ... and that he has already consumed the first crate’s-worth to celebrate his victory.

And with that, the SLPL moves into the second half of the Regular Season, which means
the $10 trade is about to go away only to be replaced by slightly more expensive $15 trade. You can make your final $10 trades between now and the first pitch of Friday's first game, which is schedule for 7:05 pm Eastern time. Remember, though, if you wait until Friday to make a trade, it will not go into effect until Saturday.

So, get
to checking which of the deadweight you want to remove from your rosters and replace with better, more productive players.

Congratulations again to our 2013 All-Star Champ, Jay!


Time To Plug In the Trade-O-Matic 3000

Ryan Bruan is on nearly 40 SLPL team rosters, which makes this news almost heartbreaking. We say “almost,” of course, because we actually love it when the SLPL Pot grows and grows and grows so that our payouts to winners grow and grow and grow. To illustrate what this might mean to our Pot, four owners in the last two days have dropped Braun on mere suspicion that he might be suspended. That’s 40 clams to our Pot, which means 40 clams to our eventual winners. If he goes down for 100 games, the Pot should grow ginormously.

Even if you’re not spooked by the potential of Braun being suspended, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t plug in the trusty
Trade-O-Matric 3000. Why? Do you have Matt Kemp? He’s on the DL. Bryce Harper? DL. Giancarlo Stanton? DL. David Price? DL. C’mon, already. Get off the schnied and drop the deadweight already! You need to put yourself in position before you can expect to scrape any clams out of the championship barrel, ya know?

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