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Skeeter's Rules

Skeeter Rules To Overturn On-Field Call: Unassisted Tip of the Ballcap Goes to Marcus

Official League Scorer Jeren “Skeeter” Livernois, also owner of Punching Judy’s, has ruled rather definitively -- and surprisingly -- in yesterday’s controversy on who should get the Tip of the Ballcap for the excellent Jimmy Fallon video of “Blurred Lines” with Robin Thicke and The Roots. Here’s his official ruling, which reverses our on-field ruling:

Jeren Rules

So Skeeter opted to rule in favor of his first cousin rather than in favor of his father. What is especially surprising is that both Jay and Marcus were willing to share the Tip of the Ballcap, as shown in the complete Facebook discussion:

Jeren Rules Detail

That should make the upcoming Labor Day holiday a barrel of laughs around Jay’s house. Hopefully
Skeeter can opt to instead score an A’s game for his day job with STATS, LLC that day.

But that’s okay. We appreciate that Skeeter made an impartial ruling despite it likely coming with a personal cost. And Marcus, next time you see Jeren you might want to buy him a round of drinks.

This is
Marcus’ second Tip of the Ballcap for the season, which ties him for second place with owners Vince Livernois, Joe Kelley, Brian Thornburg, and league follower Missy (@missyisms), each of whom have two Tips of the Ballcap. Jay Livernois still leads the league with five Tips of the Ballcap.


WTF Awesomeess: "Blurred Lines"

Tip of the ballcap (once again) to The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter Pence owner Joe Livernois MFs In D.C. owner Marcus Rochellle, who declared this version of “Blurred Lines” as “WTF awesomeness” shared this on Facebook back on August 2, though we missed it:

Though not a traditional Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, we cannot disagree Jay’s assessment. I actually prefer this version to the original, which you can see here:

Update: If you’re scoring at home: We don’t know how to score this Tip of the Ballcap. We gave the tip to Jay because he e-mailed it to us on August 7, which prompted us to post the video here, but since receiving Jay’s e-mail we discovered that MFs In D.C. owner Marcus Rochellle had posted this video on his Facebook wall way back on August 2. Does Jay get the full tip of the ballcap with Marcus getting to assist? Or, does Marcus get the full tip of the ballcap since he posted it to Facebook first with Jay getting the assist? To be fair, we have raided Facebook postings in the past (see here, here, here, here, and here); had we seen Marcus’ posting earlier, we likely would have posted it and given him full credit, but Jay took the extra effort and e-mailed it to us … and we always appreciate when people take the extra time to think of us.

Okay, I’m sending this one over to our official league scorer,
Jeren Livernois, owner of Punching Judy’s. Skeeter, how do you rule? Who gets the full Tip of the Ballcap?

Updated August 9: See here for Jeren’s ruling.


Skeeter Rules

Yesterday we asked Punching Judy's owner Jeren “Skeeter” Livernois -- official scorer at Modesto Nuts Professional Baseball Club, reporter at STATS LLC, and now official scorer of the Santa Lechuga Power League -- to make a ruling on who gets the putout when a kid falls from five stories up but eight people try to catch him. In comments, Jeren made his ruling:

Rule 10.09 (b)(9) The Official Scorer shall credit an automatic putout to the catcher when multiple fielders successfully prevent a small child from falling to his death. No assist shall be credited on the play.

If in the Official Scorer’s judgement the cameraman is close enough that he could have successfully made a play on the child with ordinary effort, the cameraman shall be given an error on the play.

So if you're scoring at home this is an error on the cameraman and give the putout to the catcher.

Awesome, awesome job, Jeren. We appreciate the clarity and the definitiveness of the ruling.

And, hey, this is fun! We’ll have to ask Skeeter to rule on miscellaneous and various other freaky life events as the season progresses.

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