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by Sue Klinkhmaer

My Fellow Lechugians

My Fellow Lechugians:

As Pedregoso pointed out I (and Dan) am taking a year off from the SLPL. Really, this is nothing personal. I had been sick for a couple weeks and was starting to feel the pressure I feel every year at this time … who to pick? Will I ever win? Can't I just enjoy baseball in it's purest form and blah, blah, blah. My enthusiasm for baseball has waned a bit with all the high salaries and idiot owners. I have every intention of fronting another year of the
Creepy Cardinal Death Pool and will be more than happy to pay out if it comes to pass (or one Cardinals pitcher passes). I love the league and everyone involved and I look forward to just checking the website and mocking team owners for their bad moves. I will be back next year, ready to kick ass (but probably ending up in the mediocre 40's). As George Costanza would say, "It's not you, it's me.” Or maybe it is you!!!

Have a great season everyone … the good news is that we only have to put up with Tim McCarver for one more season.


Sue Klinkhamer

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