Santa Lechuga Power League:

The Best Damn Fantasy Baseball League In the Universe! (Yes. Universe.)

by Rube Furrow

Friendly Reminder

Dear Deadbeats:

Rube Furrow can't help but notice that a great number of Santa Lechuga team ownership groups are in deep arrears in the payment department. You know who you are. But if you don't, Rube suggests you review the depths of your debt by checking this link.

And after you've wrapped yourself in appropriate shame, please submit your payments forthwith or else Rube will be required to refer your case to SLPL attorney Saul Goodman. Saul knows a guy who knows a guy who has a brother who can make your life very uncomfortable for a very long time. You wouldn't want that.

Please send checks, money-orders or unmarked bills, payable to Joe Livernois, to 459 Echo Valley Road, Salinas, CA 93907.

Or you can send your owings like the big boys through PayPal by
using this link. Add the right combo of owner fees and trade fees to your cart and then check out.

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Thanks in advance, and don't make us call Saul.



Commish Delivers Welcome Message, Finally

It's that time of year again, the magical season when young men adjust their cups in earnest, when snow plow operators prepare Coors Field, and when Dodgers are delusional about their October dreams. Yes, it's time for the Santa Lechuga Power League.

The commissioner would like to apologize for the tardiness of delivering his welcoming message. As you might have heard, Commissioner Furrow recently volunteered to participate in clinical trials for a new and improved Cialis regimen. He only recently returned from the hospital, where he endured humiliating medical treatment after failing to heed the warning label. He appreciates the kind thoughts and prayers during his convalescence, but asks that his friends stop calling him "Fungo."

In that vein,
Commissioner Furrow wishes to welcome all the hardened veterans back to SLPL. Allow me to give a special welcome to our rookies, Peanunski owner Stephanie Wigton, She Wants the Dee owner Frankie Montellano, and Petey's Picks co-owners Kathy & Petey Davis. We believe all of your rock-solid picks promise to make 2013 the most dynamic season in SLPL history.

Props again to owners for generating amusing team names. In a league first,
Tyler Shaddy parodied the name of another team, coming up with Hamiltoes, a play on our evergreen favorite, Cameltowing, Inc, by David "Eddie" Edison, but with a baseball twist. We like Kathy Livernois' I've Got the Runs, though we're still trying to figure out if she is making a baseball pun or merely describing the results of her IBD. Brendan Butts submitted something that sounds like Puck the Fackers, but while we love the sentiment, we still claim to be a family-friendly operation and switched the first letters for our website. And Peyton Olivarria scored with No Greinke My Wankee, a prophetic team name that happened to be what Zack said when Carlos Quentin charged the mound.

In other news, you might have noticed that the SLPL brain trust made few rule changes this season. The only significant new rule is found in Section 3, Item 32.6b, which prohibits expectoration on all playing fields. In other words, keep your spit to yourself.

In conclusion, enjoy the season, have fun and make lots of trades!

Rube Furrow, Commissioner

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