Santa Lechuga Power League:

The Best Damn Fantasy Baseball League In the Universe! (Yes. Universe.)

Yes, Virginia, Santa Lechuga '14 Does Exist

Right off the bat, apologies to all of you who have reached out to us via e-mail, text, Facebook, snail mail, voice mail, cursing, and your other preferred communications methods to ask if there was going to be a Santa Lechuga season this year. No excuses. I mean, sure we have excuses that include tequila benders, time spent in drunk tanks, trips to Mexico to evade unhappy exes, time spent in Tijuana jails, time spent trying to bribe our way out of Tijuana jails, long journeys home on mechanically-challenged buses, and more tequila benders, but none of those excuses actually excuse our ignoring your messages. Sorry about that.

Anyway, it was clear from your messages that each of you want fantasy baseball and you want it now!

Sorry. Can't do it.

I mean, we can't do it now, even if the MLB has turned its world upside down by playing two games in Australia today. Instead, officially, we are going to give you the best damn fantasy baseball league in the universe beginning when regular season games are played on good ol' 'murican soil on good ol' 'murican Opening Day, which for us will be on Monday, March 31. This gives you a whole nine days to figure out your roster (ten hitters, five pitchers, and five life-challenged Hall-of-Famers) and send it to us using
this handy-dandy roster-submittin' form. (Yeah, we know ... that form says it's for '13, but we'll update it for the '14 soon enough. You can use the '13 version for now.) By the way, yes, today's Aussie stats will count toward the regular season.

Two more things: One, recruit! We need new owners. Badly. So, please, recruit! You have friends? Recruit one or two of them to join. You have kids? They should be in the league already! You have a significant other? You know what you need to do. You have colleagues? Get them in the league for water cooler chat that doesn't include a rundown of last night's Bachelor. We want a full-slate of 48 teams this year, so get to recruiting already!

And, two ... hmm ... I can't remember what two was. It was clear when I started typing the paragraph above; that's why I began that paragraph with "Two more things." But then two just evaporated into the ether. Must be the remnants of my latest tequila bender. Oh, well.

We hope you've all had a most-excellent off-season and we look forward to having you and your new recruits in the league in 2014!
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