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Nominee For Best DL Excuse Of The Season; Also, We May Be Going Dark

This story comes to us by way of The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter Pence owner Joe Livernois, who nominates this for a Monday Morning WTF?!, ‘cause some things can’t wait until Sunday. Jay nominates this for “Nominee for best DL excuse of the season …”

We looked a little deeper and discovered this interview with the injured shortstop, who appears to have been just following orders not to move as the skydivers were plowing feet-first into their faces:

So, there’s our next nominee for best DL excuse of the season. Thanks, Jay!

Meanwhile, in other news, we may or may not be going dark until Friday morning depending on whether the 8 baud modem on my Amiga 1000 can connect to the Internet from the unfortunately named Servicio de Hosteleria Industrial de Terrassa hotel in Flushing, NY, near LaGuardia and whether Norton Utilities can remove the 47 Trojan horses it’s been trying to remove since February. Watch this space for more news. Or not.


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